For every team entering the Barron Corporate Run4Good, R150.00 of the price is donated to the Reach For A Dream Foundation. For every team you enter, your donation brings joy to another child and makes a huge difference in their lives.

The more teams you enter, the more children you help. If you’d like to make an even bigger difference, we encourage you to fulfill one of the Dreams listed below

Change a Life

Little Obakeng is 7 years old and has a Brain Tumor. His ultimate dream is to become a firefighter.” Click here to realize a dream  

Sihle was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Leukemia at 6 years old. All Sihle wants is to be a chef for the day.”Click here to realize a dream  

Brady is 14 years old and is suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Brady dreams of going to Disney Land.”  Click here to realize a dream

What A Dream Means

Fulfilling the dreams of life-threatened children is at the core of what we do. When a child gets diagnosed with a life-threatening illness it takes a severe toll on their life. Despite this reality, life-threatened children still have dreams, and we want to fulfill them. Through fulling each child’s dream we are able to bring a spark of hope back into each child’s life, as we know children want nothing more than to have their dreams come true, regardless of their illness. A dream could be going to the sea for the first time or getting a doll house. No matter the dream, we try to fulfill it. Let’s make dreams come true.
  • Contact Details:

    Web – www.reachforadream.org.za
    Email – chloe@reachforadream.org.za
    Telephone – 011 880 1740